"Hey Emily! What are you working on right now?"

Like most other theatre makers, I'm currently dealing with unemployment due to the COVID-19 closures. I had to move from Philadelphia back home to Tallahassee, so I'm using this time to organize my home workshop, learn new skills, and make face masks for my family and friends. 

My time spent working in the props department at the Walnut Street Theatre was wonderful and I'm very bummed it got cut short due to the virus. Check out some of my favorite pieces I made there in the gallery below:

About Me

In May 2019, I graduated from the BA Theatre program in Florida State University's School of Theatre. I grew up with theatre, mostly as an actor, but in college I found my passion behind the scenes in technical production. I've always had an interest in creating and fixing things, but was especially inspired by the scene/prop shops I volunteered in. In 2016, I began to put together my own wood shop and have been learning everything I can since. From June 2019 to March 2020 I did a full-time Props Artisan apprenticeship at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, PA. 

Huge shout-out to Kaylin Goodman who did an amazing grad photo shoot with me at the FSU shop! Here are a few of my favorites. You can find more of her work here.

Contact Information