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These are projects that I feel best represent my skills, or projects that were my favorite to make.

All projects fabricated entirely by me unless otherwise specified. 

Woodland Chair

A chair carved from dimensional lumber with added tree limbs. Created for "The Magic Flute" at The Glimmerglass Festival in 2021. Painted by Chloe Scheel. 

Lorraine Motel Furnishings

Bedcover, curtains, and headboards created to resemble the real-life motel room of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as closely as possible. All items made from scratch. Bedcover included hundreds of hand-cut felt dots that I attached in the same pattern to match the real sheets. Headboards made with stained plywood and dimensional walnut. Created for "The Mountaintop" at TheatreSquared in 2022. 

Trompe L'oeil Truck

I constructed the unit itself as well as did the full paint treatment for this trompe l'oeil truck that was in "Miss You Like Hell" at TheatreSquared in 2022. Colors mixed by Rachel Williams.